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Pros and Cons of Developing an Online Game

What does it take to be a Computer Game Developer?

Online games have been one of the most favorite past time of many people especially nowadays. And that’s why more and more companies are continuously developing online game and are taking advantage of the situation right now.

Online world has taken its dominance into this generation. Various technologies are merging here and there making life easier. Some have positive impacts, but many are not. Due to current pandemic we are facing, everyone is advised to have physical distancing which made the utilization of technologies more notable. As an effect, people are becoming more dependent in it. Social Medias and the likes marked its significance in their everyday life. Schools, banks, and even churches are now doing their activities online

But one of the most well – known online venture at present are the online games. E-games paved its way starting from Nexus: The Kingdom of the Winds and Quakeworld which were released in 1996 up to present times. Online games today are advanced offering a wide variety of game types. You can choose between Role Playing Games (RPG), Single Player, Multiplayer, and many more.

Brains behind the Scene

People at all ages enjoy playing virtual games. But, have you wonder how these superb games are made? Let us now take time to venture to the minds that are developing our treasured online game, the computer game developers.

What are the effects of becoming a Game Developers?

Being an online game developer is an amazing job. But like all careers, it also has its advantages and disadvantages. Here are some pros and cons that you might encounter in developing online game.



Well, there is no more satisfying work than doing what you love. It can result to good and outstanding outputs that can surely satisfy the customers. If designing and developing games is your passion, then don’t hesitate to carry out the job.


If you are really into games, well, computer game developing might be the right track for you. You will have the odds to create the games you wish, at the same time, make it more exciting and enjoyable to others. Fun, isn’t it?


Being able to get your own games published and launched is a great reward for yourself. How much more if it became a hit and popular? If this happens, you will be noted as one of the successful computer game developer this generation had.

Large Companies

As the virtual games gain its popularity, many companies are choosing to plunge in this field. As a result, job opportunities for computer game developers are growing.


Extensive Hours

Developing online game is not as easy as playing on it. It requires lengthy hours of work and dedication for it to be created. As a result, you will less personal and family time. If you are really good at time management, well this is a minimal problem for you.


As the number of demands for e-games increases, the battling in this field also increases. Many companies invest in online games, resulting to low chances of getting your games a hit.


Like all jobs, you will experience pressure. High number of demands and competition at virtual games means you need to exert big effort to achieve the goal.

Health Factor

As you develop a game, you will be required to sit for a long hours to do the coding. This can affect your posture, damage discs at your spinal cord, metabolism, persistent pains, and worst, depression. Try to pause for a while and exercise your neck and do some stretching for five to ten minutes to relax your muscles and loosen up some stress.

Being a computer game developer is like a game as it is. You’ve got your allies and enemies in the match.  You also need to think carefully what do for you to survive. Be sharp for you might miss out the clues and miss out the opportunity to succeed. All in all, just enjoy the game. Life may help you win or let you lose, so take this opportunity to prosper. Go and chase your dreams. Be a computer game developer.

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