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What Marketing Lessons Can We Learn From the Top Video Game Industries?

As a result of the Covid-19 the world is facing, each country implemented quarantine to avoid the spreading of the pandemic. People spend their time indoors. Tedious activities are taking up the everyday life cycle. What are the best indoor activities we can do at this moment? For sure most people spend their time on gaming. Most of the time, gamers were asked “what do you even get from playing such games?”. Not really everyone can relate and won’t get the point at first but take some time to know the lessons that we can learn from the top video game industries and you can give them the answers.

Video games are born as early as World War II. The discussion of the benefits and harms of video games carried on up to the present. But for those who fancy these kinds of games tells life-changing stories involving video gaming. Who would not want an artistic match made for enjoyment and unwinding?

Video Games and Market Collide

While the demand for video games increases, many investors briskly dive in this field. Company owners are really thrilled about the idea of how video games dominate the market. The countless benefits these offers are just too paramount to let go.

Marketing Lessons about Video Games

Many have succeeded in the video game industry, but many are not. How can we become later? Note some of these guidelines from the top video game industries and be victorious in this field.

1.    Nintendo Co. Ltd.

Are you familiar with the video game Mario? If yes, well, Nintendo Co. Ltd. is the maker of this famous and largest video game.

This top game publisher uses the positioning, target, and segmentation marketing strategy. It means knowing your targeted market. Besides publishing video games, the company also produces toys, gaming consoles, and diversity in electronics. Knowing your customers is the main goal. Their targeted consumers are the current generation, whose ages range from 25 – 35, and regular and non-regular gamers who are females, elderlies, and kids. They also have a wide distribution of their products across the globe, which makes their products effortless accessible.

2.    Valve Corporation

Aside from Nintendo, we have Valve Corporation, who is the developer of Dota 2. And they have a great marketing strategy to offer and use Steam, which is a digital platform. They offer here not only video games but also hardware like controllers and gadgets used for computers. The valve is more than a corporation. It is a bank. They let independent game developers or indie developers sell their games for free. Who would not want that, right?

3.    Rockstar Games

If you want minimal but significant advertising, well, this section is right just for you. Grand Theft Auto (GTA) is one of the prominent video games this generation had. Contradict the first two publishers’ marketing strategy. Rockstar Games came about a video game that has a little consideration for the consumers’ satisfaction. Also, this company does not spend a huge amount on the advertisement and focuses on the minimal concept they want.

An example is when their game, Red Dead Redemption 2, will be published. They just turn the logo’s background from yellow to red on twitter. This uncomplicated teaser had caused numerous articles and created a huge impact in the gaming industry.

4.    Electronic Arts

Taking advantage of social media and influencers can be a smart strategy for you. Electronic Arts are one of the top game publishers and best-selling sports franchise. They have advanced to the influence of social media than televisions and commercials where with their consumers for a better relationship with them, and of course, to increase sales. They value social awareness that helped them achieve success.

5.     Sony Computer Entertainment

Who wouldn’t be familiar with this name? From video games to movies, Sony became a remarkable name in the electronics industry. They are famous producers of the well-known PlayStation and have been using the phrase “Greatness Awaits” for attracting consumers. They made them visualize they can be anything they want in this game. Exciting, isn’t it?

These top video game industries marked a significant role in the video game industry. With wits and talent, you can be as great as them. Be passionate and determined for all these strategies will be nonsense if you do not like what you are doing. Be inspired and be an inspiration. Now, do you want to be a game developer?

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