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YAY OR NAY: Effective Step-By-Step Process In Creating An Online Game

Are you fond of playing video games online? Have you ever skipped a night sleeping because you’ve got so addicted to playing online combat battles? Have you spent a lot of bucks skipping levels or buying extra lives? Well, if yes, you’re not alone. Millions of people around the world are being hooked by tons of popular games online. The game development industry is now booming and creating a lot of money for thousands of video game studios. If you’re a video game developer, today is the perfect timing to take advantage of the surge. For you to be able to produce a very addicting masterpiece, you have to follow the effective step-by-step process in creating an online game.

For some, maybe, video game development is just simply creating video games. You think of a concept, develop and program the game, run tests before production and, voila! You made a full-pledged craft. Well, that’s how you define it in a layman’s term. But believe it or not, the definition is still far from the whole picture. Anyone can be a video game developer as long as you have a background in coding. You don’t need to be a college graduate with Latin honors to be in the game developer industry. What will matter the most in developing popular online games is your critical thinking and spectacular imaginations.

Step by Step Process of Creating an Online Game

There are a lot of video game studios that produced games that survived the industry for more than decades already. Their games keep on striving for success and popularity among patrons. Their best developers probably earn hundreds of thousands of dollars each month or even more. They don’t have magic, yet their masterpieces seem to hypnotize the masses. Would you believe me if I tell you that you can earn as much as they earn too? Yes. It is possible to become one of those successful video game developers. In this article, you will learn the effective step-by-step process of creating an online game and let it become popular in the market.

Step 1: Conceptualize your Game (Pre-production)

The first thing to do in video game development is to conceptualize your game. This is essential in the pre-production stage. You will need to know every corner of your game idea and scout your target audience. There are five key factors you have to consider to create popular online games.

  • Budget
    • Ensure enough finances for your game.
  • Monetization
    •  How will you be able to make money with your game? Are you going to sell it to huge video game studios or self-produce it?
  • Status of Competition
    • Know if your game concept will stand out in the market. The competition is difficult and losing will cost you a lot of money.
  • Resources
    • Prepare your resources like software needed. Ensure some staff if the situation requires.
  • Time
    •  Estimate how long you will be able to create the game from pre-production until you sell it. Maximize your time, but do not rush your game.

You will also need to do the necessary research to create a strong foundation for your concept. Think of your game design, outline, and consider things on a case to case basis. You have to think more than thrice and stick with your plans. If something comes up, be vigilant and make amends.

Step 2: Start Programming (Production)

Once you made a good concept of your game and prepared necessary resources, it’s time for coding. Decide what language your game needs and just get it right. Remember, the value of your game will depend upon your coding skills. Ensure that everything is in-sync and works accordingly. This is where the budget will seemingly get tight. You have to be prepared for some licenses that need to be paid and additional experts.

 Step 3: Test your Game (Post-production)

After long nights, weeks, and months of coding, it’s time to check for errors. Test if the program perfectly works. You have to check if there are bugs that need to be fixed. This is the most crucial part since this will determine if your game is good to go or not. You have to carefully look in the details before releasing it to the market.

Step 4: Release and Market Your Game (Post-production)

Once you’re sure that your game has no loopholes, it’s time to see if you did your best or not. It will now depend on you how you will market your game. See if your craft will be able to stand, among others.

Time for Coding!

The game developer industry is giving a lot of opportunities to millions of video game developers across the globe. The competition will simply run along with creativity, expertise, and skills. Popular online games were not made out of magic. There were sleepless nights, tight-budgets, frustrations, and discouragements. It takes a whole-hearted soul to become an amazing video game developer. Remember, your luck is in your hands. It will always depend on you. Happy coding!

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