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Luthor Studios


As everyone knows, the year 2020 has been the most challenging year for the entire world. Several devastating scenarios happened. There are a lot of things going around outside, and people are starting to change their ways. Hence, the major enemy of our world today is the Corona Virus Disease that started last 2019. The world has been battling with the pandemic since last year until this year, 2020. Daily routines and lifestyles have changed. Some need to stop working since businesses are starting close one by one. Others already spent money on travel but had been canceled. To adjust to the stress brought by the pandemic, people are considering the entertainment of digital gaming. 

            Not only kids but also adults are already into online virtual games. It has been a trend even before the pandemic. But as people continue to spend their time indoors, the demand for online games continues to rise too. People forget the Games have also become a partner of some social media entertainments. Thus, more and more gaming companies try their best to create exceptional games that the public will support. Luthor Studios is one of the best developers of fun online virtual games. They produced hundreds of games that are still being played today. But because of the pandemic, they also adjust their production in developing games. The pandemic affected not just the people but the economy and the environment as well.

Advantages and Disadvantages of the COVID-19 pandemic to Gaming Industry

            The people’s hope for winning against the world’s worst enemy is still high. So, to help lessen the spread of the virus, people isolate their selves at home. Staying at home and doing nothing is exhausting and boring. Hence, some play games to consume their free time. But a usual game can also be tiring. So, game developers committed to creating more fun online virtual games to cater to gamers. Yet, several hindrances on progress on developing games emerge during this pandemic. These are some of the advantages and disadvantage of the Covid-19 to gaming industries:

  • Advantages

· High Sales 

Since the demand for fun online virtual games is high, so, revenue is also high. One successful game is the success of the entire company and its employees. Thus, everyone’s goal is to create extraordinary games to generate high sales.

· Fast and Effective Marketing Strategy

The Covid-19 pandemic is really serious. Though, some businesses take good advantage of the pandemic for their benefit. For some video game developers, this is the perfect timing for them to promote their games. Their target market will easily notice their games since most people are on their phones, laptops, etc. 

  •  Disadvantage

· Delays in Production

Humans operate all gaming industries that create fun online virtual games. And during the pandemic, most of their employees are forced to stay home too. Because of little manpower, the progress in the production of games slows down. Aside from that, some of their supplier’s companies are also closed. That’s why the distribution and printing of necessary files have been postponed. Regardless of how eager they are to create online virtual games, hindrances like such are still going on their way to this pandemic.

            Game developers are dedicated to providing fun online virtual games. This is to help people escape from the distress brought by the pandemic. To do so, several developers are encouraged to start their careers in the virtual game world. Luthor Studios is considered to be the perfect place for you. They molded teams of excellent game developers who create games beyond everyone’s imaginations. Luthor Studios is also home to successful and fun online virtual games that you can play. 

Luthor Studios’ games are available for download on the App Store and Google Play. You can also visit our website at http://luthorstudios.com/ for more information.

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